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Offer your members an escape after their workout on the RejuvaWave hydromassage table.


Everyone could benefit from a relaxing, body healing massage. It's good for our muscles, skin and circulation and even better for our mental state. The truth is, most people will never schedule a hands-on massage. The time commitment, the cost, a stranger touching you, and body image issues all contribute to keep people from getting the massages they need. The RejuvaWave hydromassage table removes these barriers, making massage available to everyone.


The RejuvaWave hydrotherapy bed is a massage device that uses streams of warm water to massage your entire body. The jets are inside a water mattress so you don't undress or get wet. It's done in private and no one touches you so you can truly relax. It's quick, taking as little as 10 minutes, so you can easily fit it into your schedule. It's affordable at only $10 to $20 per month for unlimited access. Compared to a typical 30 minute hands-on massage at $40 to $90 each time, the RejuvaWave is a real bargain.


Your members can finally get the massages they need quickly, easily, affordably and at any time convenient to their schedule.


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Sidmar has been designing and manufacturing hydromassage tables and beds since 1992. We produce the most reliable and affordably priced dry hydromassage tables available. No matter if you call it dry hydrotherapy or hydromassage, you are assured Sidmar will build you a quality product that will serve your club members well for years to come.